Leon Township
Goodhue County, MN​
Town Board Meetings:
         ​3rd Tuesday of the month
Time:  7 pm
Location: Leon Town Hall​​
Land Use Permits and
​Township Building permits required.

Contact Clerk:  Sandy Hanson

​​Complete Leon Township building permit​​, print and meet with the Clerk to review.

Based on how you are zoned by the Township, if your permit request falls under one of the permitted uses for that zoning district, the permit can be written without review by the Planning Commission or the Board.

If the Clerk determines that the permitted reason falls under Conditional Uses or Interim Uses for that zoning district or requires a Variance​​,

Application for Conditional Use Permits, Interim Use Permits and Variances​ will need to be brought to the Planning Commission for review.​  Prior to review:​​​​​​
  • Complete form 
  • Provide the supporting documentation as determined by Clerk and required by the Township of Leon Zoning Ordinance, sections 16, 17 or 18
  • Pay application fee at time of filing
  • Deliver application, fee and all supporting documentation to the Clerk who will refer it to the Planning Commission Chair no fewer than 16 days before the Planning Commission meeting at which the application will be heard.
Planning Commission Meetings:
2nd Monday of the month, as needed
Time:  8pm
Location:  Leon Town Hall

​Meeting Notice will be posted under the Public Records, Legals section of the Cannon Falls Beacon.​​
Upcoming Meetings:

August Town Board Meeting:​​​​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Tuesday, August 20
  • Leon Town Hall
  • 7pm
Leon Zoning Ordinance - Link 
Rock Bids Awarded

At the April 16 Town Board meeting, both parts One and Two of the Rock Bid were awarded to Anderson Rock & Lime.

Residents of Leon Twp who want gravel for their driveways may contact Anderson Rock & Lime directly.
They will be billed our price of $6.80/ton plus sales tax.​​​

Anderson Rock & Lime 507.263.3526​​
Chloride Application for 2013

The Township has completed chloride application for 2013.

Please contact the Clerk if you want to receive chloride in 2014.  It must be on the Township road, not on personal driveways or property.

We will follow the same policy for pre-payment in 2014.